Head Movements and Full-Body Writing

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August 17, 2006

>> Cherie in Georgia wrote:The last sign is where I have a  
>> question... The Cat is balancing the fish on the end of his  
>> umbrella, standing on a ball. The body from the waist up is moving  
>> on this sign, in a sort of circular motion, like someone doing a  
>> balancing act. I couldn't figure out how to show the moving torso,  
>> so I settled for showing the head moving in a circle, but its a  
>> regular movement arrow. I saw the head 'circle' that looked like a  
>> bunch of candles floating over someone's head-- had no clue what  
>> that is, can't find it in the book. We're getting ready to add a  
>> bunch more things to the balancing act. It will shortly involve  
>> the feet as well. How do I show full body movement?

Thank you, Cherie and Kelly Jo, for posting your Sign Language  
Literature to the List....Very exciting!

Full-Body Movement Writing is explained partially on this web site:

MovementWriting Site

When you go there, you will see the work I am posting right now....I  
am writing the movement of Norwegian craftsmen, for an anthropology  
research project at the Norwegian University of Science and  
Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway...so it is essentially axe- 
movement-writing on a timeline! The deadline for me to complete this  
work is Monday, so I am busy all weekend with this project...You can  
follow my progress as I post stuff if you wish...I am still working  
on the Movement Writing part of it, but I have established the Rhythm  
and the Axe symbols at this point...

Writing Gesture for Scientific Studies

Meanwhile, Cherie, regarding Head Movements...it is important that  
you use the correct symbols for Head Movements and I will be happy to  
explain them after Monday next week...Please see attached diagram.  
There are other Head Circle symbols that have not been added to the  
IMWA yet...same old story...so many symbols...

We call those little candles, as you call them, Face Direction Lines.  
They show where the nose is directed as the circle is made. Here is a  
web page showing static Face Direction Lines...the circular symbol is  
just a combination of those static lines...This is an old set of  
symbols used in DanceWriting and MovementWriting since 1974!

Face Direction Line

So we can learn FullBody Writing next week if you wish, and that will  
be fun -

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Val ;-)

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