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Mon Aug 21 15:08:59 UTC 2006

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August 21, 2006

Hello SW List!
Hope you had a great weekend. Can you believe it is Monday already?  
Time flies!

In the beginning of August, our non-profit organization received  
funding from a Norwegian University researcher to write the movements  
of Norwegian craftsmen, while they cut timber. This is an  
anthropology project, and we were hired to write the movements of  
craftsmen from videotape...reconstructing the way the Vikings created  
their boats...their techniques for cutting timber were almost like a choreography...there was a rhythm to the movements and  
people could be taught how to do this Timber-Cutting  
just like dance, or sports, it could be written with our general  
Movement Writing system.

So I took the job, mainly for the funding, but also because it is a  
fascinating project! The funding has already been used to invest in  
software development for SignWriting, so this has been well worth we now have an unusual Movement Writing project to share  
with others...I want to thank everyone for your interest and patience  
while I finish this job...

Yes...That's correct. I am not done...The deadline was today, but now  
the deadline has been extended to later this week, and I am happy  
about this, because I am making good progress...

You can follow my work. Go to this web page:

Writing Gesture for Scientific Research

Here is an example attached...You can see some symbols that you can  
recognize...that are used in SignWriting the Strike  
Contact, Fast Symbol, Torso Tilts, Movement Arrows that are double- 
stemmed for movement parallel to the Wall Plane, Grasp Contact etc....

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