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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Aug 21 23:12:59 UTC 2006

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August 21, 2006

Hello Vanessa, James and Everyone!
Thanks for the question, Vanessa and before I get into the way I  
personally prepare documents, I want to thank you, James for sharing  
your method. What software do you use? I assume SignWriter DOS or  
perhaps SignWriter Java, to write from left to right? And I guess  
Snag-It must be a Windows program that captures screen captures and  
turns them into documents? You certainly produce some wonderful  
documents so you method is successful!

Anyway, Vanessa, in my case, I use SignText because I prefer to write  
in vertical columns, because grammatically, vertical columns gives us  
the chance to write with Lanes. Lanes gives a clear way of showing  
the shifting of signs to the right side and to the left side of the  
body, which I called Spatial Comparisons years ago in our textbooks.  
Perhaps there is another linguistic term for that? I am not  
sure...anyway...I believe that Lanes are important in capturing that  
aspect of sign languages. SignText is the only software program I  
know that makes it possible to compose sentences directly in vertical  
columns using Lanes...

Here is the manual for SignText...

SignText Instruction Manual

The SignText Manual needs a section in the end about creating full  
documents, but that is not written yet ;-)

There are two ways to mark paragraphs with vertical columns.  
Regarding the software to use to prepare the layout, there are  
several ones you can use too. It will take me several messages for me  
to show you all this, so look for the next messages.... ;-)

Want to compose a sentence in SignText, and send it to the List for  
us to read in SignWriting? Go to:

SignText Online

Complete your sentence. Click on the Options Button at the top.  
Bookmark the sentence. Click on SignMail. Send the sentence to us on  
the List, using SignText email...

Look forward to reading your sentences!

Val ;-)


James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. wrote:
> Vanessa,
> I write SW left to right, which makes paragraphing easy (an extra  
> space between paragraphs.)  I also use a "snag it" program to  
> transfer SW segments into a Word document, a technique that allows  
> for incorporation of illustrations, as desired.-- James


Vanessa Hodge wrote:
> I have a couple of questions for all of you who have written in  
> SW.  I am a college student and have written one of my papers in  
> SW.  However, I am struggling to figure out a way to show  
> paragraphs beginning and ending.  I am trying to write it  
> vertically as I have some role shifting in the paper.  Also, what  
> is the best way you have found to put a large quantity of SW into a  
> document form?
> Thank you!!  Vanessa Hodge

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