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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 22 13:03:31 UTC 2006

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August 22, 2006

Cherie Wren wrote:
> Most of what I am transcribing isn't in paragraphs,
> more like stanzas...  kids books, so I haven't even
> thougth about that.  But its a very good question.
> Perhaps a double 'period'?

A double period might be a good idea, Cherie. The double period, in  
the past, has been used like a colon : in English, placed before  
listing items or showing a diagram...just as we use a colon in  
English....but using it as a paragraph divider would be fine  
too...maybe the easiest for people right now....

You can access the double period in the IMWA, so that is good...

Another way to mark a paragraph with vertical columns is with a  
space...either one blank sign between the ending sign of the previous  
paragraph and the beginning sign of the next paragraph, or leaving an  
entire blank vertical column between the paragraphs...that is the way  
they do it in Chinese and other writing systems that are written in  
vertical columns...using spaces between paragraphs, just as they do  
with horizontal writing...

So Vanessa...try both ideas...the space and the double period and see  
what works for you - smile - Val ;-)

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