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Well, I don't know that they are exactly active project as I am working almost 50 hours a week now. (Not much time to do anything else, but I try to do a little here and there.) It might be more of a "To-Do list". One that you (and those on the TeachASL list) may have seen is that I am working on making an ASL dictionary. (This will be a true monolingual dictionary of ASL like English has.) Another is to creat a fully intergated email service completely in ASL. (I have been studying up on a lot of programming codes to work it.) And as always, I am trying to see what ways it would be possible to create a "SignWriter" for everyday application. (I have some good leads.)
But as I said before, it is a truly slow process because I don't have much time. (It could be a good thing as well because technology improves everyday, so that means better leads!)

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August 23, 2006

Adam Frost wrote:
> I am sorry if it seemed I was saying it was inconsistant. I was  
> mearly saying it seemed there was one. Thanks for the  
> clearification. It makes so much sence now. I knew there had to be  
> a reason, but I just wasn't seeing it, so I had to ask. :-)
> Adam

Hello Adam!
Oh I am so glad you did ask...and no apologies necessary...please  
forgive me if I hadn't made it clear before...

What is good about this is that it shows how much you are using  
SignWriting that you noticed takes an advanced writer to  
realize these things...and I suspect that the subject of 10 palm  
facings will come up again and again, from time to time...and cannot  
be avoided...

One of the many projects I would like to do, is to write an ASL story  
about our time at the NAD Conference. I have all the great photos,  
which you haven't seen yet, and I started the story, but my ASL is  
not that good and it would be great if you, or Stuart or Philippe  
could either write the story yourselves in SignText, or, I can write  
my story the best I can and post it to the List and then could you  
correct my ASL grammar?

What are your projects right now, Adam?

Val ;-)

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