ASL sign for DOWNLOAD software

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 2 22:59:11 UTC 2006

4 hands like that are a classifier, indicating a stream of [something] moving from [cyberspace]...  

The V hands was the sign I learned quite a while ago...  it is more indicative of somehting being grabbed from [cyberspace] and pulled down into the local machine.  I have never seen the 4 hands one.  I will ask around, see if there are other signs around here...

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December 2, 2006

Hi Adam and Cherie -
Thanks for your feedback...I have a couple of questions about the way  
these signs have been written...

Is this sign really the right hand only... moving? No left hand  
movement? If so, then it looks like it is like a copy-machine where  
many copies are being downloaded - 1-2-3-? So this would mean  
multiple downloads? Obviously the right hand has to be written closer  
to the movement symbols for the right hand...

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