ASL sign for DOWNLOAD software

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 9 20:36:44 UTC 2006

Its once, might make it easier to see... less crowded?


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December 9, 2006

Hi Cherie and Adam -
Thank you for your help with the ASL sign for DOWNLOAD. I used it for  
an Icon in SignBank, for importing (or downloading) signs from  
SignPuddle into SignBank (see diagram below)...but I used two dots  
with the idea that it was done twice...but now I see Adam, that you  
felt it was once? Should I change this icon? There is very little  
room in these tiny icons, so I wrote the finishing position showing  
the bend at the end of the sign since there was no room for the  
beginning position...Val ;-)

Cherie Wren wrote:
> The V hands was the sign I learned quite a while ago...  it is more  
> indicative of somehting being grabbed from [cyberspace] and pulled  
> down into the local machine....

> Adam Frost wrote:
>> Now that you mention it Cherie, the V hands would mean download while
>> the 4 hands mean to load (as in a webpage). So for what you were
>> asking, Val, the V hands would be the correct one.
>> Now your question about palm facing, it could be front and back  
>> (black
>> and white) if you are taking from the side and not in front of you.
>> However, I think that for our purposes it would be side facings (half
>> and half).
>> I have a question to ask. Should it be single close dot, or two as it
>> is written now? I think it is one.
>> Adam

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