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December 15, 2006

Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa wrote:
> my point is that we should encourage people to use that symbol a  
> bit more!
> i know deafies will remember that symbol a lot more better
> hows sunny California - its freezing here in Belfast...


Thanks for telling us your feelings on the Heel of Hand, Shane...I am  
glad we have choices for everyone...

Regarding weather...well...I live in a different world than northern  
European countries...I know, since I lived in Denmark for years ;-)

Belfast, if you look at a world map, is in line with northern Canada!  
That is cold country with snow in the winter!

This is summertime in Brazil! So the world is different all around...

San Diego, where I live, is in line with southern Spain, or northern  
Africa...our weather is closer to the Mediterranean countries in  

San Diego is only 20 minutes from Mexico...we are a city next to the  
ocean, but if you drive just one hour east, inland towards the  
mountains, over on the other side of the mountains is a dry hostile San Diego climate is called Coastal-Desert...meaning that  
we are a desert next to an ocean...

In the Autumn, we have our hot dry winds from the desert...a weather  
condition called the Santa Ana Winds...that only happens in Southern  
California...we had 90 degree Farenheit weather some days in October  
and November this year because of the Santa Ana Winds (that is 32  
degrees celcius)...this past week it has been 70 farenheit (21  
celcius) during the day...The Spring time is our bad weather...we get  
fog from the ocean...but never snow...and very little rain...our  
biggest problem is wild fires because we are so dry...

I hope you get warm soon, Shane! Snow is lovely this time of year for  
people who celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus!

Val ;-)

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