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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 16 17:18:29 UTC 2006

Query on Brazilian Sign Writing.
  Were the handshapes for ´noiva´ and ´caroca`dropped.  These were two handshapes we discussed when I was here in Brazil in 2001, and the handbooks seem to either skip them or not cite them.
  Charles Butler

Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:
  SignWriting List
December 15, 2006

Charles Butler wrote:
> Hey Valerie and others,
> I went to the Portuguese link and cannot seem to download it. The 
> link doesn´t open the browser. Am I doing something wrong?
> Charles

Hi Charles -
I have fixed this now.

Go to:


The first link is there now, with the translation of the Lessons in 
SignWriting textbook, into Portuguese and LIBRAS. Marianne Stumpf did 
the translation and also added other new sections to the book.

I will be adding other lessons documents in Portuguese to that web 
page later...so more is coming...

THANK YOU to all those who work on these books and translations, all 

Val ;-)

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