quetsion on sign notation

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Fri Dec 29 13:59:24 UTC 2006

Val , Shane and others....

actually I've a got a problem with several signs... depending on  
handshapes.... because if I go into SignPuddle and look at ths  
specific handshape.... and then chose the orientation that would be  
the correct one with another hanshape (for example the one finger  
hanshape as for /ONE/ in ASL/ I would pick this handshape position...  
but then the finger are not in a logical position....

If I write correctly following the hanshape's rotation it LOOKS wrong

If I write it as I see it (with finger pointing up) it looks right  
but it's not written corretly (I'm not sure one can understand my  

Maybe Stefan can help... he was the one that suggested to me tha t my  
signname is not written correctly.... I did write it following what I  
see (finger's up) but Stefan todl me it's not correct....

so please explain what I'm supposed to write in such cases (it's only  
probelmatic with some handshapes... most of them are just fine and  
don't get me in trouble!!)
should I write the sign wrong so that it's easy to understand...

but then someone who would take the time to analyse the sign to be  
able to sign it... would sign it the wrong way?!?!?

need your opinion on that!


PS Shane.... french swiss sign language is very similar to LSF.... we  
call it LSF too... but there are also lots of different  
vocabulary.... some are the exact same signs... other are just  
tremendoulsy different...!

Le 29 déc. 06 à 01:41, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> December 28, 2006
> Hello Anny and all List Members!
> I hope you all are having a wonderful holidays season ;-))
> And thanks for this question, Anny...What an interesting sign!
> I looked at the sign for cancer on this web page:
>> http://www.pisourd.ch/index.php?theme=dicocomplet
> and I took a screen capture of one of the hand positions in the  
> sign. Can you see how the fingers are pointing up, rather than down?
> For this reason, I would write the sign slightly differently...it  
> is a hard sign and I think it is a great challenge!
> I will post my version shortly...
> I hope all of you will feel relaxed to ask questions  
> anytime...sharing is a great way to learn...one sign at a time!   
> Val ;-)
> <cancer-CHfr.jpg>

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