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Look at my writing of Luke 2, 1-14, it is posted. There is one narrator 
(Deaf of Deaf), who does roleshifting between angels and shepherds


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>OK, I am progressing from just writing words onto tackling sentences, and
>I have a couple questions.
>Where does the roleshift symbol go in relation to the signs that are
>shifted?  Does that move into another lane in the column?  Is it like a
>topic marker that is at the beginning of the topic, then not included with
>each sign in the topic?  I am working on something that includes
>constructed dialogue...  "He said, she said" stuff.
>I saw something in the text book about a unit connecting line...   is that
>only used in research? How does the everyday writing show how long the
>shift lasts or how long a given facial expression lasts?
>Could I see something some of you have already done with a roleshift in
>BTW, I can open sign bank with the password, It's everything that comes
>next I can't figure out...  ::grin::
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