ASL Grammar - Is this correct?

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Thu Feb 2 12:47:24 UTC 2006

Hello Adam and all:
in my ASL reader (for which I am now awaiting a printers' quote!), I
showed dialogue by establishing one person on the right, and one on the
left, and then placing the sentences said by each character on the
appropriate side of the column, depending on which person is speaking. The
effect is kindof subtle, so maybe a bracket down the side of the column
might be a visual equivalent of using quote marks. Val, does something
like this exist in SW now?
I have two pieces in the reader which involve dialogue; they are the last
two pieces in it, and both (of course!) are written vertically. One is an
excerpt from David Watson's "Talk with your hands", and the other is a
poem by a Deaf friend of mine.
When the reader is printed and bound, I will be letting all of you
SignWriters know it, so there will be one more SW book in this world! 
Kim from Boston

sw-l at on Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 5:09 PM
-0500 wrote:
>SignWriting List
>February 1, 2006
>Adam Frost in California wrote:
>> That is funny that you should mention that because I was just  
>> thinking that I should do that on my website. (I haven't been doing  
>> much with it). With SignText it will be a great help. I was also  
>> wanting to write a story that I have been trying to write in SW. I  
>> would love to learn how to write dialoges, the different ways that  
>> there are so that I can figure out which will work best.
>> Adam
>Great Adam...glad to hear this...
>If Deaf Americans start creating web sites in SignWriting, without  
>very much spoken language, focusing on the writing of their language,  
>it will help others, who feel fearful because it is new...
>Writing a language needs to come from the language users...A symbol- 
>person like me belongs on another planet - ha!
>OK...I am preparing three a wonderful evening  
>Val ;-)

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