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Thu Feb 2 17:35:58 UTC 2006

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February 2, 2006

Hello Steve and Everyone -
Isn't this exciting?!...Thank you, Steve, for this demonstration...I  
cannot tell you how much I want to get to creating lessons with  
SignText, and saving a big SignWriting Document Archive with Bookmarks!

The sentence looks really good with the right and left Lanes  
too...Great feature!

SignText is the first SignWriting software that allows vertical  
writing combined with Lanes, for Right-Left Spatial Comparisons (used  
in role-shifting and for other grammatical reasons). Other programs  
have the vertical columns, but not with the Lanes feature.

So a new era of vertical writing with Lanes has begun...

I am taking my parents to the airport in an hour. They are flying  
back to Florida, to then move all their things back to California (in  
about two months from now) so they will be living with me in the  
future. I feel very blessed!

Needless to say it is chaotic helping them pack, plus I have been  
learning how to burn multiple DVDs...I finally got the hang of it,  
and I can fulfill the SignWriting orders for DVDs!

Wearing a lot of hats lately!

Thanks once again for the great demo - Talk to you all this evening -  
Have a splendid day!

Val ;-)


On Feb 2, 2006, at 8:39 AM, slevin at signpuddle.net wrote:

> This is an example sentence that I created with SignText taken from  
> SignWriting.org:
> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/grammar/vertical/vert006.html
> This example demonstrates how lanes can be used by discussing an  
> old system placed in the left lane and a new system is placed in  
> the right lane.
> If this example had continued, every time the author signed in the  
> left lane he would be discussing the old system. And if he signed  
> in the right lane he would have been discussing the new system.
> A rough translation of the sentence could be...
> Example, get idea: two different system system, one old, one new.  
> See sign, old system, put left, sign, new system, put right, compare.
> If you want to load this sentence into SignText, follow the link  
> below. If the sentence is not visible, press refresh once the the  
> page has finished loading. The browser needs to load all of the  
> images into memory before it will space properly.
> Load message into SignText
> Courtesy of SignBank.org

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