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Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 3 14:11:09 UTC 2006

My writing of the Christmas Gospel (Luke 2, 1-14) is posted on the 
SignWriting site as pdf, but I have it also in the original sgn-format. If 
you like, I could send this to you. We do not yet have Unicode for 
signwriting, even if there is a number-domain reserved for this.

Ingvild , Norway

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>Subject: [sw-l] SignWriting texts
>Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 12:25:31 -0000
>Hello to all SW listers!
>my name is Sara Morrissey and I am currently doing a PhD in the National
>Centre for Language Technology, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. My
>work is based around developing a machine translation system for sign
>languages. I came across SignWriting when looking for corpora for my style
>of translation. Currently, I am using annotated videos from the ECHO 
>as my training data but I would love to branch out and work with other SL
>writing systems, particularly SignWriting as I am very interested in it's
>format and construction.
>So, to veer a little bit more towards my point, I am essentially looking 
>texts (as large and as many as possible) to construct a corpus of sign
>language in SignWriting. Valerie Sutton has very kindly provided me with
>links to stories such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" that have been
>written in SignWriting. This has been a great introduction to SignWriting
>for me and I am eager to obtain more texts in SignWriting in ANY sign
>language. It is preferable for the moment if these texts come with a
>translation in the spoken language of the country they come from. Not being
>proficient in SignWriting myself I need to be able to construct a bilingual
>corpus for the example-based approach I am using.
>Also, it there is anyone who knows about the encoding of the signs. Val
>tells me there are numberous texts available in PDF format but I'm unsure 
>I would be able to extract the signs for use in my system. Is there another
>way of encoding the signs in SignWriting, a Unicode of ASCII version where
>the content is unaltered? I sincerely hope there is as I would love to use
>SignWriting in my work.
>I appreciate any help any of you can offer me and I look forward to future
>communication with you all.
>  Sara Morrissey,
>  PhD researcher,
>  National Centre for Language Technology  (NCLT),
>  School of Computing,
>  Dublin City University,
>  Glasnevin,
>  Dublin 9.
>  Tel: +353 1 700 6914

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