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February 3, 2006

> Cherie Wren from the Georgia School for the Deaf wrote:
> How is this writing? Do I have the right idea? Is it clear that the  
> left-for-a-long-time sign is done with the right hand, same one  
> that put the milk over to the left? If not, how would I make that  
> clear? Any other feedback? I can take all the constructive  
> criticism you could give me... ::smile:: The final sign had so much  
> facial information I had to use two faces... is that alright? Is  
> there another way I could have done that?

Hello Cherie!
These are great questions, related to how SignWriting writes the  
grammar of ASL in sentences...This is sooo cool, that SignText is now  
giving us this opportunity!

The last sign with the multiple Facial Circles with expression is  
just perfect...that is the way we do it, when we have too many  
symbols on the face to show it in one Facial Circle...we place two  
side by side...

And you did very very well with the Spatial Comparisons... yes it is  
good! But since I am not an ASL expert, but simply write what I see,  
I need to ask you a question about how you are signing this.

There are two degrees of placing the right hand over to the left side  
of the body. You captured the less extreme version of  
placed the right hand  (in the fourth sign), exactly under the area  
of where the left hand was, in the sign before it (the third sign).  
That is probably just fine!

Sometimes in ASL, signers shift their upper body weight over even  
further, while they are placing their hand over to the other side,  
and that is a shift to the Left your fourth sign could  
possibly have been placed in the Left Lane (by pushing the Left Lane  
button), if the person was signing way over to the left...the head  
actually moves to the left of center as well...because the whole  
upper body shifts left of center....that is why we have a Left and  
Right Lane button...

Do you know what I mean? I will try to get to writing some sentences  
with this example later...But your writing is quite exciting...I  
think we need a web site that discusses writing ASL grammar that is  
run by a Deaf person...then you could submit your sentences openly to  
that site...

Val ;-)

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