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February 3, 2006

Cherie wrote:
> Then I did the third sign wrong, because that is the right hand  
> taking the milk (presumably from the refrigerator) and placing it  
> over to the left, where it gets left.  Its a 'handle' classifier,  
> miming the placement of the milk container.  How could I make that  
> more clear?

Please see attached diagram...

I believe I understand the sentence...If I don't, then please correct  
me. Judging from what I have seen in other ASL sentences, I might  
have placed the entire last section of that sentence, where it is  
discussing the fact that the milk sat outside the fridge for a long  
time and became spoiled...I might place that whole last section in  
the Left Lane, since the milk is placed over to the left...Take a  
look at Ingvild's excellent sentence which she just posted...Use the  
Left Lane button when you want to desribe something over to the Left...

Suppose, Milk, Take out of Fridge...Center Lane

Sit outside of Fridge maybe in Left Lane?

Next section describing the milk would be in the Left Lane?...

take a look at your body when you sign it...are you doing a tiny  
shift over to the Left when you are describing the milk? That is the  
Left Lane

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