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Adam Frost icemandeaf at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 3 23:40:35 UTC 2006

If that could be done, it would be great! WriteASL would be a fine name, I think. I think that would be better than the MSN Group. I went with it because it was the best I could come up with, but what you suggested is even better.
I was thinking that I should join TeachASL, but have been hesitent to do so. I will have to join as soon as I can get to a computer with internet.
Thanks again for the suggestion.
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SignWriting List
February 3, 2006

Hello Adam!
This is wonderful. Thanks for thinking of all these things! I hope  
you will announce this new List to other Deaf lists, and to the  
TeachASL List...Are you a member of the TeachASL List?

One of the reasons I do not like MSN is that I became a member, but  
then forgot my password etc...but if you feel you would like this new  
ASL Grammar List to prosper, without the problems of MSN, I could ask  
Paul Cowley and others if we could add your List to the group of  
Lists that are housed at Valencia you know, they are the  
SLLING, TeachASL, SignWriting, Terps List and the Ontario Sign  
Language Association List...You can access the Lists by going to:

Type in your email address, and press ALL and then GO and you can see  
all the lists listed there for people to choose from...there are no  
ads and it is beautifully handled...I could ask permission to add  
your List to the group of Sign Language related lists?...

Want that? It would avoid MSN and we would benefit...I think it  
should be called something shorter, WriteASL List, which is similar  
to TeachASL...? or whatever...we can ask Paul Cowley if you want this...

Anyway, then your list would coordinate with our SignWriting List and  
when people join one, then they can join the others at the same time...

Would that be ok with you?

If not, MSN is fine...I am so busy now that I don't think I can join  
at the moment, but that is good, because you can always post a  
message to the SignWriting List when you need to! I will always be  

This is a good step forward, Adam...Thank you...I hope the Deaf  
Community gets informed about it...

Val ;-)

On Feb 3, 2006, at 2:36 PM, Adam Frost wrote:

> Val,
> I have decided to make a group where we can have discussions about  
> ASL grammar with SignWritting. It is called ASL Discussion on  
> SignWriting. It is an MSN group. I hope that it doesn't make it a  
> problem for non MSN users. The reason that I went with the MSN  
> group is because there is an email that can be used to send to  
> people much like this list. The email is  
> ASLDiscussiononSignWriting at The web address is  
> To send an email  
> on visit the site and read the message board where all the emails  
> are posted, one does not need to have an MSN Passport. However, to  
> join, a passport is needed. I hope this will work out. Let me know.
> Adam
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