ASL Sign for Chemotherapy?

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 4 16:51:03 UTC 2006

The 4 hand would be fingers splayed, it is a
classifier that can mean flowing liquid.  The port was
on the right in my daughter's case, although it wasn't
for chemo.  That (right hand on right shoulder) feels
really awkward as a sign, though.  I would tend to
sign it right hand on left shoulder, because that
feels more natural to me...  What say you Deaf folk?


--- Bill Reese <wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM> wrote:

> "Open four hand, palm up, tap pinky to the chest
> where a port
> would be - just below the shoulder joint, in the
> meat of the
> pectoral muscle"
> That's a little ambiguous to me as I don't know
> which hand or shoulder, 
> if the fingers are splayed or if the little finger
> touches once or 
> twice.  If I take it to be the right hand's little
> finger touching the 
> chest just below the right shoulder, palm up, thumb
> tucked, fingers 
> splayed, touching just once, would this be correct?
> Bill

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