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Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 6 17:46:12 UTC 2006

OK, had to look at them in yahoo, since I can't see
the pictures in Lotus Notes...  That is what
originally arrived, but that isn't what I originally
sent.  On my computer at least, the third section
starts mother, then says 'he he he" in the center,
then some more "he he he" in the right lane, then
three 'hes' and three 'sits' in the left lane.  Which
is not what I built in SignText.  So somewhere between
the hitting of the button to email and its arrival at
the list, there is a bug.  

I noticed the same thing with someone elses
sentence...  "view from my window"  It arrived at my
computer with lots of repetition after the 'running
around" (guessing, not my language, but it looked very
much like kids running).  So either my computer is not
displaying accurately, If I'm the only one seeing the
repetitions,; or something is wrong.  Are you seeing
the multiple iterations of 'he' and sit' in my
sentence?  Did you see repetitions in the "view"


--- slevin at signpuddle.net wrote:

Re: [sw-l] length limit      

Hi Cherie,

This is a copy of the original writing that you sent
to the list.  Press the `Load into SignText` button,
wait for all of images to load, and then press
refresh.  You should have your whole sentence.  

Then go to the bookmark page and add a new bookmark. 
This new bookmark should contain the whole sentence.  


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