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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Feb 6 21:58:09 UTC 2006

Hi Charles and Everyone -
Although a spell checker would be great in the future, to do that, we  
would have to have a dictionary that doesn't change...right now the  
Community SignPuddles are places for people to experiment with how to  
write, so we have many versions of the same sign because it is a  
practice place...

To get a spell checker to work, it would have to access a dictionary  
that is stable and not changing...it implies that there are  
standardized spellings...This new SignText is more like the old  
typewriters that were not computers...There were no spell checkers on  
a basic typewriter before...but people could still compose a nice  
document...so I guess we have to walk before we can run!

All this will come in time....we just need to give it more than a  
week - ha!

And SignText is not just for email...it is more for creating  
sentences as diagrams for Word documents etc...so it is a useful tool  
that will evolve and be used in many different ways...I find it quite  
fast to drag and drop symbols and create signs with the proper facial  
expressions...When we access a dictionary we have a problem, because  
the dictionary cannot have the facial expressions that are proper for  
a sign in a certain position in the sentence...so dictionaries  
accessed for spell checkers in English may be a little simpler, but  
ASL has fluctuating facial expressions...

Val ;-)


On Feb 6, 2006, at 1:36 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> I guess I'm looking for a "spell checker" feature so that when I'm  
> typing directly, I dont' have to reinvent the wheel when I'm not  
> sure how to spell something.
> Charles
> Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
> Hello Charles!
> Exactly! Cherie and Ingvild wrote email in sentences with  
> Lanes...without any need for a word gloss...This changes the  
> experience of writing email in SignWriting, because now we are  
> getting to real Sign Language grammar issues...writing directly in  
> the movements of signed languages, with no spoken language  
> involved...and that is really great...The other email program in  
> SignPuddle is still there to use, but it had been criticized by  
> those who do not want to use glosses to write signed languages, so  
> now we have both for all kinds of people!
> Actually Steve did develop a way to access the SignPuddle  
> dictionary, while composing in SignText, but since SignText just  
> was released in this new version, less than a week ago, I have not  
> had the chance to write the manual yet...
> Steve - Can you teach everyone how to use SignPuddle to get some  
> signs into a SignText sentence?...
> Frankly, I hope that most people will compose each sign directly in  
> SignText without thinking in glosses...that is the whole point of  
> SignText...
> And, SignPuddle already has a way to search for signs with  
> different handshapes...but not related to email. When we type email  
> in English we do not search for words in a dictionary...we type  
> directly, and that is what SignText gives us...so there are  
> different programs for different purposes...
> Amazing isn't it?...smile...
> Want to try it? Go to:
> SignText
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/signtext/signtext.html
> Val ;-)
> PS. What is the difference between SignPuddle, SignBank, and SignText?
> SignPuddle...Create signs online, add them to a dictionary, search  
> the dictionary, send email using glosses
> SignText...Create Sign-Sentences and Sign-Documents online or  
> offline, send email, no glosses involved!
> SignBank...Create, Print, Search and Publish Multi-Lingual Sign  
> Language Databases...SignBank can be used to print thick  
> dictionaries....like a websters dictionary...easily and  
> automatically, once the database is filled with signs...
> Both SignText and SignWriter are ways to create documents...
> Val ;-)
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