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Tue Feb 7 16:36:25 UTC 2006

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February 7, 2006

> Cherie wrote:
> according to the book, the last face has "mouth open teeth neutral"  
> but it looks right for what I want-- that "AH I'm gonna die  
> grimace" Which face should I have used for that?

Hello Cherie and Everyone!
I am sooo glad you are testing and using SignText. Today I am working  
with our SignBank programmer, Todd Duell, so it is great that you are  
giving Steve feedback, which I cannot at the

Regarding this sign, Cherie (see attached)...

What does it mean? smile...

The description "mouth open teeth neutral" was my way of explaining  
that you see the teeth, but the teeth are not chattering, or biting  
or grinding...they are just in plain view without any extra movement!  
So we use that symbol whenever the teeth are an important part of the I think it is fine!! If it looks like it, use it! smile...

Why the wrist flexing in this sign? It just looks like a palm-facing  
change, which you can see by the hand positions you wrote, so the  
wrist-flexing symbols are not necessary, unless you really want wrist  
flexing? Or are you trying to write rotations? Rotations are a  
different symbol. But anyway, I suspect the handshape changes are  
clear without any extra rotation

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