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Thu Feb 9 18:53:45 UTC 2006

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February 9, 2006

Cherie at Georgia School for the Deaf wrote:
> That sign is a vehicle classifier, fishtailing or swerving ...   
> Trying to write things that can't be easily glossed.  Most of the  
> movement, the 'fishtailing,' comes from the wrist flexing.  The  
> back end of the car is going all over (wrist flexes) while the car  
> is continuing to move forward.  I included the wrist flexes because  
> they are the primary motion.  I suppose I don't really need them,  
> since I put the different hand facings in there...  Like I said a  
> while ago, I struggle with how much information is 'just enough'  
> and how much is too much.

Hello Cherie and Everyone!
Thanks for this message. I cannot find the writing of this classifier  
now, that we were discussing. I wish I could, because it was an  
interesting writing to discuss...Can you make a short video clip of  
just that one sign and post it to the List? I think it will be a  
valuable discussion for several reasons...the issues of rotations  
versus flexing, and how much to write for everyday use it could help to discuss classifiers and how to  
write ;-)
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