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January 9, 2006

  Philippe in Iowa wrote:
> I understand that you cannot view WMV due to new Intel MAC.  Here is
> snap shot for you and I hope you will see this handshape.  I use this
> handshape for tennis, baseball, small hammar, etc....  Hope this
> helps...

Hello Philippe!
Yes. It does! Thank you for the photo. I am giving one of our older  
Macs to a friend who uses SignPuddle daily (she only has a Windows 95  
computer right now) so she will have a better way to work now...and  
then I was blessed with a gift of a new Mac-Intel, which is a brand  
new computer just released four weeks ago, which is using an Intel  
chip, which means that some older software has to be updated,  
including WMV player! But all that will iron out soon I am sure...Mac  
is encouraging something called Universal Software, that works on  
different kinds of computers, so people will not have to worry about  
different platforms, and Adobe and Microsoft are creating this new  
Universal Software now...so there is a new world coming in computers....

Regarding this handshape...It involves the Index and Thumb, so it is  
in Hand Group 9...See attached diagram...the symbol is hightlighted  
in blue...Write again with questions...Val ;-)

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