USA Sign for McDonalds

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 10 11:48:26 UTC 2006

I didn't know I could not put a hand!  no, it is just
a base hand.  

For the two versions with a middle handshape between
the M and the D...  those are really just transition
handshapes as the hand moves from the M to the D
aren't they? ... do they have to be there?


--- Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> February 9, 2006
> > Philippe in Iowa wrote:
> > Looks like Sign Puddle is case sensitive and I
> spelled with upper  
> > and lower case “McDonalds”.  I did copy the
> image and paste to  
> > the email and apparently it is not working.  So I
> am using insert  
> > format now… here it is…
> Hello Philippe and Cherie and Everyone!
> Your diagram came in fine now, so thank you for
> that. And your  
> writing is very interesting. You used the Surface
> Symbols to show  
> that you were touching the TOP OF something...and
> because I know the  
> sign (I think ;-) I figured you meant on top of the
> left arm...The  
> Surface Symbols are abstract and we only use them
> when we absolutely  
> have to, when a sign is hard to read without
> them...Normally we would  
> write a line for the left arm, which is read faster
> by I  
> went into SignPuddle and cleaned up McDonalds a
> little, by renaming  
> all the versions people had entered so that all  4
> list when you  
> search for them...See are the four
> in SignPuddle  
> right now...mine put a C hand in the middle, but you
> have a Fist?  
> smile....what is correct? smile...
> the fist necessary on the left arm?
> yours is number 3 in  
> the list attached... smile...if you put no hand at
> the end of an arm  
> line, it just means a neutral or relaxed hand...

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