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February 10, 2006

Juliette Dalle in France wrote:
> The fist is left hand ?

Cherie Wren in Georgia wrote:
> For the two versions with a middle handshape between
> the M and the D...  those are really just transition
> handshapes as the hand moves from the M to the D
> aren't they? ... do they have to be there?

Hello Juliette, Philippe and Cherie!

This is important....I can see that Juliette thought that the middle  
handshape was the left hand, so this was hard to read...

No, Juliette, it was supposed to be the right hand moving from one  
position to the after the other...

Cherie...if the middle handshape is not needed for meaning, then of  
course you are correct not to write it!  I will try again...

Philippe...Do you really close to a Fist in the middle of the sign  
for McDonalds?...

Great to have feedback!!  Val ;-)

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