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February 10, 2006

> Not on the arm....  top of the left hand fist....   Sorry that I  
> didn't
> reply quickly as expected.  I was not available all morning and this
> afternoon! Smile....

Ha! Well then Juliette, you were guessing better than I did! smile...

The Surface Symbols are not necessary in this case. There is a rule  
called Write the Position of other words...try to write  
it the way it looks in real life...That rule is on this web page:

Write the Position of Contact Rule

and of course I know that was what you were trying to do, Philippe,  
and it was a good try!

And I am STILL not sure I understand what you want, but here is  
another is number 6 in SignPuddle...(see attached)

And Cherie...maybe you do need the fist at the end of the  
arm? a fist is a part of the sign?

I think one of you should probably clean up the sign for McDonalds a  
little in SignPuddle...there are so many versions  
will leave that to all of you...

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