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February 11, 2006

Cherie from Georgia School for the Deaf wrote:
>> This is almost all classifiers... Can you read it? Did I make any  
>> spelling mistakes this time? ::grin:: It would translate roughly  
>> as "I hate it when the cat twines between my legs and makes me trip."

Hello Cherie and Everyone!
What a fabulous SignSentence...THANK YOU for taking the time to write  
sentences and to post them to the SignWriting List! This is really  
exciting ;-)

Any spelling mistakes are very minor. I hope you don't mind that I  
discuss the writing of the signs...It is an excellent exercise for  
all of us, to study writing sentences...and everyone makes  
mistakes ...I know I do...Your sentences are valuable for research to  
learn where things are hard and where they are easy -

I noticed three small things...

First...The eyegaze. It is written looking back-diagonal right now,  
but I wonder if you want it to look down-diagonal? If so, then the  
eyegaze should be double-stemmed arrows...The single-stemmed arrows,  
as you know, show eyegaze forward or side or back...movement parallel  
to the floor...

Second, the sign for falling down...does the left hand really end  
with the fingers pointing toward the chest? If so that is perfect!

Third...I wonder, in the sign for falling down, if you want the left  
hand's fingers in-between the right hand's fingers? if so, then that  
would be a Brush-Between symbol, which you can find next to the Brush  

Any weight shifting in this sentence? There is none written, so I  
assume not...I wonder if there isn't a brief pause between the second  
and third sign...You say: Me standing here...pause?  that would be  
the comma punctuation mark...

I think this is super! Can others on the List read this sentence?   
Val ;-)

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