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February 12, 2006

SIGNTEXT continued...

Regarding internet connections...

With a Fast Internet Connection...
As you use SignText, symbols will be loading in and out of memory in  
your Firefox web browser. Firefox will hold the memory of your  
writing in its memory-cache. When you make changes to your writing,  
Firefox will delete the old writing from its memory, and replace it  
with the changes you made. This requires speed.

With a fast broadband internet connection, such as DSL or cable,  
SignText can be fun and easy to use directly on the web. Using  
SignText directly on the web is more efficient, because it does not  
require downloading, and will not clutter up your hard drive or  
desktop! Your SignText documents will be stored in Firefox when you  
go online, in your bookmarks.

With a Slower Internet Connection...
If you have a slow dial-up internet connection, although you can use  
it on the web, it will be better to download SignText and use it  

Download SignText to Use Offline

For instruction on how to use SignText offline, refer to Part 3 in  
this manual (coming later!)

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