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Hello from slovenia,
i have been folowing your e-mails and i must admitt it is hard to follow all the information since i have no experience in signwritting. will be more than interested to buy any litterature so i can start working with our deaf members here inslovenia. of course we will come to learn in any workshop there will be organized. and we are interested to buy manual on how to start.
thank you for all

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SignWriting List 
February 13, 2006

Report from Val's Desk

Hello SignWriting List Members!
What a blessing, to share my work with all of you... What am I doing right now? I am writing the SignText Editor Manual. As I write pages, I share some of them with you, but not all the pages, because that would be overwhelming for all of us... When the Manual is complete, it will have the following pages:

SignText Editor Manual

Cover Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
System Requirements

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Work Online: How to Start
Work Offline: How to Start

Lesson 2: SignText Design
Screen Design
Symbol Palette
Command Buttons
SignSentence Column
Text Editing Buttons
Option Buttons

Lesson 3: Creating Signs
Symbol Palette Layer 1
Symbol Palette Layer 2
Symbol Palette Layer 3
Command Buttons
Group List Button
Previous Button
Selecting a Symbol
Select Next Button
Copy Symbol Button
Delete Symbol Button
Clear All Button
Variation Button
Mirror Symbol Button
Fill Symbol Button
Place Over Button
Rotate CCW Button
Rotate CW Button

Lesson 4: Creating Sentences
Sentence Column
Lane Buttons
Adding a Sign to a Sentence
Text Editing Buttons
Move an Existing Sign to Another Lane
Move an Existing Sign Above or Below
Replace an Existing Sign with a New Sign
Insert a New Sign Between Existing Signs
Delete an Existing Sign from the Sentence
Load an Existing Sign into the SignBox for Editing

Lesson 5: Document Options
Display Your Sentence
Email Your Sentence
Link Your Sentence
BookMark Your Sentence
Import Individual Signs into SignPuddle Dictionaries
SWML SignWriting Markup Language
Sharing Your Documents With Others

Lesson 6: Technical Support
Web Help Pages
PDF Documents
Email Support
Voicephone and Videophone

Want to download this manual as I write it? It is posted here:

SignText Editor Manual

As I make changes, I will re-post the newer version at the same link, so check back occasionally...I will announce new postings as they happen...

Thank you once again, to Steve Slevinski for creating SignText, and to Cherie Wren and Ingvild Roald for testing SignText... I hope others will test it too!

And many thanks to Anny in French-Switzerland for offering to translate the SignText Manual into French, when it is completed...We are lucky indeed!

I am going to create my first SignText document this week, and as I do it, I will be writing the above manual, and sharing some of the pages with more is coming...

Have a splendid day everyone!

Val ;-)

PS.  I know it is winter in many places, but here in San Diego today, we have hot summer-like weather, as does Brazil I bet too!
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