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February 14, 2006

Matjaž Juhart from Slovenia wrote:
> of course we will come to learn in any workshop there will be  
> organized. and we are interested to buy manual on how to start.

Hello Matjaz!
Wonderful to hear from you again. I am sorry I am late with sending  
you materials and information through the postal mail, and I hope to  
get to that soon, however, even when you receive those materials, it  
is best to learn with me here on the SignWriting List...Consider this  
a workshop, right here, on the List! And it is free...

Ask me questions, and I will answer...

Everyone is at different levels of skill here on the List, so you  
need to ask me questions directly. It is great that you are  
beginning. Your questions are welcome.

How do I start learning SignWriting?

There are TWO important ways to start...and both should be done together

1. Read the official textbook :

Download it for free:

Lessons in SignWriting Textbook

Read it directly on the web for free:

Lessons in SignWriting Textbook on the Web

2. Write your first Slovenian sign in SignPuddle

What is the number 1 in Slovenian Sign Language? Show us a diagram of  
your numbers 1-10, and I can help you write those...

Try to write it in SignPuddle. How?

Go to:

Slovenian SignPuddle

See the icons to the left. Scroll down the page and click on  
SignMaker Icon. Try!...drag symbols over to a SignBox...add your sign  
to the dictionary...write again when you need help...

I look forward to teaching you SignWriting, step by step, right here  
on the SignWriting List...

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