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February 23, 2006

Erika from Michigan wrote:
>  do I choose the mouth shape that most closely approximates the  
> shape the signer's mouth takes as they mouth the word? Or is there  
> a symbol to indicate more generally that the sign is accompanied by  
> a mouthed word?

Hello Erika -
We do not have a symbol for "mouthed word"...no...we write the mouth  
and breath as we see it, or feel it...as close as is possible that  
is...The writer makes a choice as to how much detail is written... so  
you need to find the symbols that closely approximate the way it  

And there is some difference between a mouthed word, and a stardard  
facial expression like PAH that Cherie mentioned, but both can be  

Here is an example from the German SignPuddle of some mouth movements  
saying the letter P...Stefan writes the letter P with Tense Lips,  
opening into a rectangular open mouth... That is not the same as  
writing PAH though, which I write with air coming out...I will show  
that next message...

You can visit the German SignPuddle to search for other mouthing  

German SignPuddle

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