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February 23, 2006

Cherie wrote:
> I asked something about this earlier, and missed the answer...   
> Sometimes the mouth is actually -moving- as part of the sign...   
> like a jaw drop, or mouthing something that looks like POW, or VA  
> or CHIVA...  how are these motions shown?

Hello Cherie -
I forgot to answer one of your questions about this mouth movement  
before, on February 1st...

> I am trying to write a sign for 'speech'.          This is the base  
> sign,
> but as the hand is going around the mouth is moving as well,  
> appearing to
> say 'cheeva, cheeva' Is there any way to show that mouth movement?
> There are several faces that aren't in the text book...  Like this one
> Does it mean the mouth is moving?

See attached diagram...

 From left to right, top row and down...

1. basic teeth
2. Tongue resting on lower teeth
3. Tongue resting on upper teeth
4. bite teeth
5. bite tongue
6. chewing
7. upper teeth resting on lower lip
8. lower teeth resting on upper lip
9. teeth chattering
10. biting center lip
11. biting right side of lip
12 biting left side of lip

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