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February 25, 2006

A message from Stefan to the SignWriting List...

Stefan in Germany wrote:

> Did you now that my students – after only 4 weeks of English  
> lessons – can translate little ASL sentences just like nothing?
> And isn’t it an exciting question problem to discuss new options  
> for foreign language courses ( additional to the regional spoken  
> language) to use SW signs of the target language ??
> My students can understand  written ASL – like nothing just because  
> they are accustomed to read SW!!
> In order to offer new teaching documents I prepared three ABC lists  
> of nouns – but I am looking for suport from other teachers. Perhaps  
> some others have already had the same idea ( I bet so) and can  
> share their documents – ABC of Adjectives or Verbs ...
> As soon as I find the time – smile – I will prepare a wonderful,  
> wonderful TT – Font with a complete ABC set. This would mean that  
> we can send kind of “secret message”  like   “House” “Egg” “Love”  
> “Letter” “Office”   “Vegetable” “Apple” “Love” “Elephant” “Radio”  
> “Idea” “Elephant”    ( every term just represented by a given ASL  
> sign from this list)  This is so much fun for children but as  well  
> for workshop participants because they understand the meaning of  
> these signs so quickly!  Do you understand the idea??
> So it would be great to know that the spellings on this list  
> follows the rules of ASL and SW – smile.
> Have a great Saturday
> Stefan;-))

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