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February 26, 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, Eyasu Tamene from Ethiopia wrote:

> Dearest Val,
>  It has been so long I wrote to you.  But I have been following  
> each and every of your courses you have been giving.  I am realy  
> blessed being a member of this network, smile.  I am also  
> happy,even if, to write you just the day next to your birthday. I  
> will say "Melkam Ledet" in my language and Happy Birthday. As you  
> may remember for the past months, Stefan and me have been doing on  
> Ethiopian Manual Alphabets(EMAs) I took so many pictures and Stefan  
> did so many drawings. Finally we are on the way to finish our  
> homework.  I can tell you how much it is rewarding to work together  
> with such a nice adviser, teacher, father- Stefan. He asked me how  
> "Happy birthday is pronounced"  in ESL. I got Birthday but "happy"  
> needs to share from EMA which is not found in the symbol set. We  
> want you have a look at to our last attempt. Attached there is a  
> pdf file which contains all the 33 EMAs.  Would you please say  
> something on it.  Best Regards, Eyasu


Hello Eyasu and Stefan!
THANK YOU for this very nice message, and for your hard work writing  
Ethiopian hand positions! The illustrations are beautiful, Stefan,  
and the photos are very helpful too, Eyasu! I will place the PDF  
document on the web, plus I will add the handshapes into the  
IMWA...the symbols in SignWriting that are in SignPuddle, SignText  
and SignBank...So you will hear from me as soon as the new symbols  
are there!

So happy to hear from you again, Eyasu, and thank you for your good  
wishes, and for following the List lessons!

I look forward to working with you to write Ethiopian Fingerspelling,  
and also Ethiopian Sign Language!

Many blessings,

Val ;-)

A page from Eyasu's PDF document is attached:

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