Writing mouthing of words with SSW

Frank frankbyrom at ISP.COM
Mon Feb 27 02:02:32 UTC 2006

Dear Valerie,
   I'm interested in what you've done, and in SignWriting.  As I've examined
your emails and what you sent to me in the post; I've not been able to
clearly identify  your range of symbols, and principles of notation.  I
appear to be wading through immense piles of specifics with a seemingly
infinite number of discrete symbols, each conceived to represent a
particular movement, and most symbols overlapping in meaning with other
   Is it possible to refer me to a discrete finite number of reference
sources for understanding your systems of notation? I'll seek to access the
material through my Public Library.  If the Library purchases the materials,
they will then be available for the public here and attract interest to what
you are creating now and have achieved.
   My specific interest is in your methods of writing (1) Dance movements
and (2) American Sign Language.  I'll omit examination of your other systems
of notation for the present.  It appears that you've also considered a
seemingly universal system of notation for representing language
   Sincerely yours,  Frank Byrom
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> SignWriting List
> February 26, 2006
> On Feb 26, 2006, at 1:58 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
> >> I wonder if we are talking about two different
> >> forms of writting and if it makes any difference.
> >> You seem to be talking about transcribing while I
> >> am talking about writing straight from my
> >> thoughts. You write what you see; I write what I
> >> think with most important information to convey
> >> the signs that were never actually signed. Does
> >> this make a difference?
> >>
> >> Adam
> YES! Exactly. It makes a HUGE difference. Transcribing a foreign
> signed language from video, writing exactly what you see without
> judging the language...that is what Stefan is referring to...
> ...but writing what you know from inside of you, in your native
> language, are two very different experiences...
> And generally that is the difference between Movement Writing which
> is more neutral, and SignWriting, that is more specific...
> I am happy both of you are writing - please continue!
> Val ;-)

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