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February 26, 2006

Hello Frank!
Great to hear from you...

Frank wrote:
> .....most symbols overlapping in meaning with other symbols.

No. That is not true. If that were true, we could not be writing  
general movement in so many movement each symbol  
represents the way the body looks or feels in a specific way, and  
they do not overlap... Can you show me an example of two you feel  
have the same visual meaning?

>    Is it possible to refer me to a discrete finite number of reference
> sources for understanding your systems of notation? I'll seek to  
> access the
> material through my Public Library.  If the Library purchases the  
> materials,
> they will then be available for the public here and attract  
> interest to what
> you are creating now and have achieved.

> My specific interest is in your methods of writing (1) Dance movements
> and (2) American Sign Language....

Sure. I will also be happy to send you some materials if you want  
them....I will write to you privately about that...

I enclosed a SignWriting Publications brochure in the information I  
mailed to you - you could give that brochure to the Library and they  
can order from it...

Perhaps this for a library?...

The Lessons in SignWriting video or DVD series...

Want to view the first video right now? It is on the web for  
viewing...go to:

Lessons in SignWriting Video 1

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