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February 27, 2006

Kathleen in Flanders (Belgium) wrote:
> The sign Kristof showed me yesterday is the 2 hands touching with  
> the middle, thumb and the ring finger, while the index finger and  
> pinky are up.
> Did I take the right handshape Val?

Hello Kathleen and Kristof!
Yes. I believe you did choose the correct handshape.

We have three hands with the Index and Baby Fingers up...See the  
attached diagram.

The one with the square base, means a tight fist.
The one with the circle base, means an open fist (fingertips touch  
each other in a circle at the base)
The one with the angle base, means the thumb, middle and ring fingers  
are stretched straight forward

So if you are touching twice, stretching those fingers for the touch  
makes a lot of sense!

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