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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Feb 27 22:33:07 UTC 2006

Well from my experience it depends on your intentions. 

If I am writing a message to a deaf friend I don't write as many mouth
symbols of this kind. 

But as a teacher who tries to support the deaf children in becoming familiar
with the words or the spoken language I keep in mind how many symbols are
needed on what level. 

Some students feel so happy if I offer lots and lots of these because They
get a chance to write a perfect translation after very few trials while
others on a higher level just need one single mouth symbol in order to not
get confused if they can choose between a whole number ... 

So for every day use and in a different situation with a different intention
... yes I would vote for short versions... smile 

It is exactly as Adam mentioned in one of his last messages- it is a big
difference - to transcribe a given performance - or to express my own
ideas/feelings or to teach SL or to offer materials to improve spoken
language skills ... 

Stefan ;-) 

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February 27, 2006

Hello Stefan!
I am so glad you wrote...great to get your feedback...Thank you!

Are there shorter versions of the same that could be acceptable, when  
writing a letter to a friend by hand in ASL? smile... I think these  
are great for detailed writing...In time I suspect they will be  
shortened to one or two faces at most, that are quickly  
recognizable...for everyday use...

I can see I need to add other symbols for you Stefan, in the  
IMWA ...and I definitely plan to do this in time...that is one of the  
many things on my To-Do

Thanks again for this important information...Val ;-)

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