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February 27, 2006

> Adam Frost in California wrote:
> I actually pronounce "cheeva" more like "java." I know that "j" and  
> "ch" are the same mouthing, so we have basically the same  
> mouthing. ;-) I just like java because it is a word that I know, so  
> that I can relate better. I would like to attempt to do some  
> different spellings for cha and "cheeva" :-), but I would need to  
> understand the symbols. I really don't understand them too well.

Hello Adam!
This is good. Let us review the symbols available in the IMWA right  
now....What group of symbols would you like to discuss...There are  
then groups of Face Symbols...see attached...

Cheeks & Ears
Nose & Breathing
Chin & Jaw
Neck, Hair, Emotions
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