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February 28, 2006

> Adam Frost in California wrote:
> 4 is a smile and 6 is an open smile. I think that 5 is a smile that  
> is forced? At least that is what it looks like to me.

Correct! The second row, reading from left to right, are

4. Closed Smile
5. Closed Smile with wrinkles at the sides of the mouth
6. Open Smile

Number 5 is interesting. Why does a person have wrinkles at the side  
of a smile? If they are young and have good skin (smile) they  
probably are a little tense while smiling, or otherwise there would  
not be wrinkles at the side of the by adding wrinkles, you  
add the feeling of a little more tension or emphasis on that  
smile...I used those wrinkles near a smile for some of the poetry  
where Kevin was smiling, but establishing a classifier in space and  
there was a little tension on his smile, to show that anchoring...

The next row of faces is the same except it is a frown instead of a  

The fourth row....Adam...How do you read the fourth row?

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