A question about "bigness" of signs

Barbara Pennacchi barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT
Sat Feb 4 11:54:17 UTC 2006

Hi, maybe it's a silly question to ask, but I and others we were 
wondering over how to mark the only difference between one sign from 
another, i.e. the "bigness" of the movement. The semantic change is just 
related to nuances of meaning, anyway.

We don't want to use the dynamic mark for slow/smooth signs, because the 
movement is actually normal, just occupying more signing space...

As I am aware there's an ever increasing gap between the SW manual 
Valerie sent to my group long time ago and the SW glyphs she keeps 
concocting , I was wondering if SignPuddle has now a glyph for marking 
signs signed bigger than the usual? :)

Sorry about my bad english. Today my brain refuses to work.

I can't show you the signs right now, maybe after lunch if I don't forget :)

See ya, and have a really nice day :)

|-) ... snore.

barbara pennacchi.

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