New Symbols in the IMWA ready to use in SignPuddle

barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT
Mon Jan 2 20:10:16 UTC 2006

Valerie Sutton writes:

> Anyway, I did accomplish a lot. There are now 29,108 graphics files
> in the IMWA folder...which means I added over 3000 symbols...and
> thanks to Steve, they are already available for use on SignPuddle on
> the web. There will be more, but at least I got this far!

I suppose that this means that Steve will have to update also the off-line
version of SignText, right?

I'm on vacation now, at my boyfriend's laptop. So I thought "Maybe I can do
some work before coming back to work..." and went to install in it both and SW-Edit.

With SignText I've struck a funny problem: Every time I try to unzip I always get a ton of errors when it tries to unzip the IMWA
folder. The only possible reasonable hypothesis I've got so far is that
there is a limit on the number of files each folder may contain. In the the IMWA has 26589 pngs. But winxp's IMWA folder won't
contain more than 21844 files. After this, it just repeats tirelessly that
it is "impossible to copy or move the file". Am I the only one having this
problem? :-)

In the meanwhile: may you have a happy everything! :)



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