New Symbols in the IMWA ready to use in SignPuddle

Barbara Pennacchi barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT
Mon Jan 9 16:24:28 UTC 2006

On 02.01.06 23:45, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> You are correct.  Gregory has this problem.  It depends how your hard  
> drive is formatted.  Some file systems have a limit to the number of  
> files allowed in a directory.  Using long file names decreases this  
> limit even more.
> I am using NTFS (NT File System) and have not had this problem on  
> Windows XP.  I created a special download of the IMWA into category  
> folders for Gregory, but I didn't modify SignText so that he could use  
> it.
> When the IMWA 1.3 is release, I will try and get SignText to work for  
> all file systems.

Thanks steve, after your reply I checked my boyfriend's laptop... It was  
formatted in FAT32 :(

Oh well, I was about to buy a new computer anyway :D

(I'm still undecided on macosx versus debian, though :)

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