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January 9, 2006

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> Hi!  The sign is actually performed pretty much at shoulder level.  
> The arm moves from a rest position where the sides of the arm are  
> by the torso to be fully extended when the hand actually moves.   
> Just like when you try to wave at someone ...  What I wrote is  
> probably intelligible, but it doesn't really capture the fact the  
> movement of the arm itself and the extension of the arm to be fully  
> extended when the wrist movement occurs. Does this make sense?

Yes. It makes good sense ;-)

First, let's look at writing the overhead view. We have a symbol that  
shows the top view of the head. The circle is the head and the little  
dark lines on each side are the shoulders, seen from the overhead  
view. This Top View of the head signals that we are writing the  
entire sign from the Top View, so we are looking down on the sign.  
Here are some verb conjugations for the sign for HELP in ASL that use  
this to show the depth of hands far away from the body, versus close  
to the body...I will try to write the sign for HEY next message using  
the Top View like this...

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