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Como vai Renato,
  Meu nome Charles Butler e eu trabalhei em 2000 com surdos em Porto Alegre e Pelotas RS ajudar SW.  Eu creadou o diccionario com 750 sinais.  Eu devegar entrou sinais em SignPuddle Brasileiro.  
  Ajuda-me, por favor, producar diccionario largo para todos surdos do Brasil.
  Charles Butler Neto
  chazzer3332000 at
  (in U.S.A.)

Doctor Informática <doctorinfo at> wrote:
  Dear Valerie Sutton,

I am 39 years old, and I hear. I am graduated in
System Analyzes in Machenzie University in Brazil, and
nowadays I work at Honda. At night and on saturday and
sunday I work with a Deaf group. I have learned about
SignWriting, first time, in this group, in 2004. I
teach SignWriting to deaf people in this group, and I
teach LIBRAS and SignWriting to hearing people that
want to join and help the group. Last year, I teached
SignWriting for aproximately 100 hearing persons.
Sometimes, I help to create new groups.
In the group, the SignWritting is the base of
teaching, because the deaf learns SignWriting easier
than Portuguese.
Also, I have been translating lessons from Portuguese
to LIBRAS and writting down in SignWritting. In order
to help me to create documents in LIBRAS, I have made
a Macro in Microsoft Word 2003, that translate
portuguese to LIBRAS. It helps me, because I can use
all features from Word and add the translation to
Besides, I would like to congratulate you and your
group for good work, that have been helping deaf
people around the world.

Best regards,
Renato Corrêa

Yahoo! doce lar. Faça do Yahoo! sua homepage. 


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