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January 13, 2006

Honza from the Czech Republic wrote:
> I can answer your first question. (Matjaz or Steve write also, if  
> you know more ;) )
> Czech and Slovenian sign languages are very different, but I  
> haven't had time to see much in Slovenian SL (I just meet some  
> Slovenians who knows basics of Czech SL)
> it is quite interesting to study relationships of europian SLs :)


Hello Honza!
I agree. It is a fascinating subject!

Steve tells me that he will create a SignPuddle for Slovenia later  
next week...

Meanwhile, Matjaz, you may enjoy visiting SignPuddle right now...You  
will see many many countries add their own signs on the web in  
SignWriting. We will have a SignPuddle dictionary for you next week...

SignPuddle Dictionaries

Val ;-)

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