Left-Handed and Right-Handed in SW

Juliette Dalle july.tigre at FREE.FR
Sun Jan 15 20:01:37 UTC 2006

Good evening all the List and Valerie !

I work in a deaf school, this year, one introduced the SW into the 
classes of LSF (5ans, 6-8 years and 9 years). I translated some signs, 
little stories, and poems in SW. However we compare to a problem : the 
half of the deaf pupils is left-handed. They have hard to understand 
the signs right-handed. I was obliged to create cards (insulated signs) 
for the left-handed children. The professors asked me if you knew the 
same problem. If yes did you find a solution? (to color the hands or 
the movements? etc.).

thank you for the assistance.


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