RES: [sw-l] Left-Handed and Right-Handed in SW

Sergio ssr.informatica at BOL.COM.BR
Mon Jan 16 16:12:39 UTC 2006


Can I take point of view ? 
Two week ago, I was argued about this in Centro Educacional Cultutura
Surda deaf class. The main point is, Sign Language have a standard. When
are doing a sign, we are using same elements, like hands, body, face,
etc. Signs have a two differente kind of hands, no only lef or righ
hand, its are guidance-hand and/or support-hand. This is a Standard of
Signs when are learning. But day by day each one using like a feel
better. However, to put it down I guess is important follow standart of
Sign Language.


Sergio Ribeiro
São Paulo - SP
Prof. SignWriting
Grupo Escrita de Sinais

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