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January 16, 2006

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod from French-Switzerland wrote:
> Can anyone tell me which sign seems the best... it's the sign for  
> "motor"
> both do the movment simultaneously and keep touching one another...  
> but I'm
> not sure about the arrows...

Hello Anny and SW Listers -
The one to the left is correct (see attached)...It uses the General  
Arrowhead, which means that the two hands are contacting each other  
and moving along the same path...they became a unit, when they  
contacted and moved together.

If they were NOT contacting each other and were separated, then they  
would paint two separate paths...a dark one for the right, and a  
light one for the arrows paint movement-paths...and in this  
case, the path is united into a general arrow..

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