signs in different cultures

Tue Jan 17 04:07:30 UTC 2006

Hi Liz:

>What significance does this have for researchers who map human or non-human
>primate movements?  I understood that SignWriting in that regard was
>universally understood. It would be unfortunate if researchers understood
>mapped movements to mean different things. Or does the difference in
>understanding only enter the equation when people are writing signed

Val designed the Sutton Movement Writing system to write any and all 
body movements--which includes signed languages. Everyone who knows 
the system should be able to read  and understand the movements the same way.

The difference comes when you want to attach a MEANING to the 
movement--such as you do with a signed language. Then you have to 
learn the meaning associated with the movement.

However, if you just want to record primate movements, then you can 
do so once you learn the system and anyone that knows the system 
should be able to read the symbols and reproduce the same movement.

If this is what you want to do, it should work for you.



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